Zero Discrimination Day

Today, March 1st 2017, the International Community of Women Living with HIV marks Zero Discrimination day with a commitment to speak up and make some noise against HIV related stigma and discrimination particularly in health care settings.

A study conducted by ICW in 2014 to understand the perception, values and preferences of women living with HIV in Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria confirmed that women living with HIV continue to face persistent barriers to care such as stigma, discrimination and abuse when seeking maternal healthcare services including those to prevent vertical transmission.

Zero Discrimination day is an opportunity to celebrate every woman and girl living with HIV in all our diversity, to share our stories and highlight our rights to live productive and healthy lives; – Rebecca Matheson, ICW Global Director

You can join online conversations by sharing your own interpretation of Zero discrimination on the #zerodiscrimination facebook page and on twitter under the tag #zerodiscrimination.

Join us today as we all make some noise against HIV stigma and discrimination!

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