Welcome to new International Steering Committee (ISC) civil society (CS) representatives!

The ISC has approved the recommendation of three candidates put forward by the CS selection committee. One ISC CS member will begin immediately as a voting member to fill the vacant CS ISC seat and the remaining two ISC CS members will join the ISC in April as observers and transition to full voting members when their terms start in August 2018, when the terms for existing ISC CS members Kwaku Adomako and Frika Iskandar end.

The call for CS representatives launched in January 2018 resulted in 15 candidates that met all submission and eligibility requirements. The applicants were reviewed and scored by the selection committee, which was comprised of 2 ISC CS members and 1 ISC donor representative. Additional administrative and coordination support was provided by International Civil Society Support (ICSS).

In addition to the submission packages, the CS selection committee also reviewed existing and future ISC CS gaps in gender, geography, key population representation, and skill sets, along with the principles outlined in the ISC governance charter to help inform the selection and recommendation of 3 candidates for approval by the ISC.

We are pleased to announce three new ISC civil society representatives:

Marvelous Muchenje (full voting ISC member, term starts immediately)

Civil society have a powerful contribution to make in both framing and implementing sustainable development policies, ensure fairness in distribution of resources, and promote the advancement of the right to health and health-related human rights. Am glad to join Robert Carr ICS as a CS representative and look forward to contribute meaningfully to the development and strengthening of networks.

Paul-Gilbert Colletaz (joins ISC as an observer in April; transition to full voting member when term starts in August)

I look forward to work with other civil society representatives on the RCNF International Steering Committee to ensure the voices of key populations and inadequately served populations are taken into account in the strategic direction of RCNF in order for global and regional networks to respond effectively to the needs and human rights of their constituencies.

Anandi Yuvaraj (joins ISC as an observer in April; transition to full voting member when term starts in August)

Robert Carr Civil Society Fund platform strives to support CSOs and Community based networks to uphold and fight for human rights issues of marginalised groups and communities and I feel honoured to serve on the ISC as a member towards contributing its mission.

We extend a warm welcome to Marvelous, Paul-Gilbert and Anandi to the RCNF ISC and are looking forward to working with them. CLICK on their names to learn more about our new ISC CS representatives!


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