ISC Communiqué

International Steering Committee (ISC) and Program Advisory Panel (PAP) of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) met in Amsterdam on September 26th – organized by the RCNF secretariat, which is hosted by the Fund Management Agency (FMA) Aidsfonds.

This was the first ever joint meeting of the two governance bodies of the Fund that set strategic direction and define the RCNF’s funding and grants portfolio. A group of grantees were also invited to provide inputs to the meeting. The joint ISC-PAP meeting took place well in advance of the upcoming RCNF 2019-2021 Request for Proposals (RfP) in 2018 in order for the ISC and PAP to develop a shared sense of the unique value, priorities and focus of the RCNF for the next year and beyond. Sigrun Mogedal, Chair of the RCNF ISC, noted at the start of the joint ISC-PAP meeting:

“Launched in 2012 in response to the threat to sustainability of global and regional HIV networks, as pillars of the global HIV architecture, the RCNF continues to play a vital role in strengthening the civil society capacity and sustainability five years on.”

The discussions between the ISC and PAP members on Sept. 26th focused on a range of issues that shape the RCNF’s present and future and informed the decisions that the ISC made at its meeting the following day.

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