Call for consultancy applications: Independent performance evaluation Fund Management Agent of the RCNF

After 5 years of operation, in advance of the next Request for Proposals (RFP) in 2018, the RCNF International Steering Committee has decided to embark on an independent evaluation of the Fund Management Agent (FMA) of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF), Aidsfonds. Aidsfonds was selected as the FMA of the RCNF in 2012 through a competitive process. Since Aidsfonds’ appointment as the RCNF FMA in 2012, Aidsfonds managed 3 rounds of funding:

  1. 2013 – Round 1 (for the period of 1 year);
  2. 2014-2015 – Round 2 (for the period of 2 years);
  3. 2016-2018 – Round 3 (for the period of 3 years).

The relations between the FMA and the RCNF’s governance bodies, International Steering Committee (ISC) and Program Advisory Panel (PAP), are regulated by the RCNF Governance Charter. The responsibilities and core tasks include operationalization of ISC decisions, grant management and acting as the fiduciary agent of the fund.


Please read the full Terms of Reference here

The purpose of the FMA performance evaluation in 2018 is for the Fund to learn from the five years of the FMA’s experiences in RCNF Fund management, with a main focus on the period of the current funding round i.e. starting from January, 2016 to date. The review needs to take into account the complex nature of cooperation between the relevant governance and management bodies of the RCNF. Building on the assessment of performance and capacity, the approach should have a forward-looking perspective, with the view to inform the scope of responsibilities and required capacity of the FMA in advance of the next Request for Proposals (RfP) for  2019-2021.

To this end, the evaluation shall

  • Take stock of performance and progress and identify areas for improvement in Fund management by the FMA as it undertook mandated functions, and with specific reference to operationalizing the ISC decisions and grants management.
  • Assess the adequacy of FMA capacity and expertise in undertaking mandated functions with a forward perspective to ensure successful positioning of the RCNF strategically in the emerging context of community system support.
  • Address stakeholder expectations and assess the strengths and limitations of the organizational structure (FMA-ISC-PAP) for exercising good governance functions, division of labour and for ensuring fit for purpose relationships with donors and grantees.
  • Assess the role of FMA as a recipient of donors’ contributions, including understanding of contractual obligations with donors and capacity to fulfil them.
  • Discuss the added value and mutual interests in the relationship between the RCNF ISC, PAP and Aidsfonds as the FMA for the RCNF.
  • Based on the findings of the evaluation, review the scope of responsibilities of the RCNF FMA, and develop a set of options and recommendations for adjustments and improvements, with the view to optimize the overall potential, value and effectiveness of RCNF.


The Terms of Reference for the FMA performance review is announced during  the week of 20 November 2017. Deadline for submissions of expressions of interest is close of business (COB) on 12 December 2017 i.e. 6 pm (CET).

The final decision on the selection of the consultant will be announced by the end of 2017. The consultancy is expected to commence the review in early January, 2018. The FMA performance review should be carried out by mid-March 2018.


Consultants who are interested in doing this assignment are asked to submit a proposal of 5 pages maximum. In this proposal the consultants are asked to present the following:

  • An action plan with timeline
  • Methods
  • Expected deliverables
  • A budget estimate
  • Experience in organizational performance evaluation, understanding of grants management, international partnerships and community system support in the context of global AIDS and developmentand change management, including financial management.
  • A list of relevant work done in this area
  • Familiarity with the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund
  • Declaration of potential conflicts of interest

Deadline for submissions of proposals is 6 pm (CET), December 12th, 2017.

Please submit your proposal by e-mail to:
Sergey Votyagov
Fund Director
Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund


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