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Soraya: leaving the “streets”

Marcela Romero, regional coordinator of Redlactrans, stresses the importance of giving mental support to transgender people, whose rights are constantly violated in regard to health and respect.

Soraya Squeff is 32 years old and spent 6 months in hospital after being diagnosed with HIV and TBC. Her partner left her when she was taken into hospital, leaving her in a very vulnerable situation. She had no place to live and suffered from financial problems. The promoters from our partner project ATTTA accompanied and supported her during her hospital treatment. Because of this support, she was able to follow her treatment, recover and improve her health.

The doctors would not have given her the mental nurturing that she needed, as she was a woman in transition and also “from the streets”. We, the promoters of the organization ATTTA, helped Soraya with correctly following the prescribed treatment. We also made sure that all administrative paperwork was filled out correctly so she could receive subsidies for housing and alimentation.

At the end Soraya could leave the hospital in good health and move into her new living. The combination of community support and economic support by the government enabled her to move forward after the hard time she had. Right now ATTTA is working hard to find employment for her in a cooperation, so she does not need to work as a sex worker anymore. Soraya would very much like to continue the course in language and music which she once started before but never finished.

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