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NJ: Petty thief in Colon street

Responsible Young People ReYou – a partner organization of Youth LEAD – works closely with young sex workers in The Philippines. The Program Manager of ReYou mentions the high importance of personally supporting young people living with HIV.

When I met NJ, currently an active volunteer from ReYou, she was a young sex worker who injected drugs. NJ never knew her parents and was working as a petty thief in Colon Street. NJ’s growth impacted me very much and left a deep impression on me. Before, I was also involved with sex work as a “service boy”, in exchange for small amounts of money.

NJ’s drastic and positive transformation re-affirmed for me why I do what I do. As a proud young gay man and a former young male sex worker, I know that my purpose is to help other young people, so often ignored by society and not given any chances. We do mobile outreach where young people need it most. We don’t wait for them to come to us when often it’s too late.”


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