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MSMGF: changing HIV / AIDS laws

“Colectivo Violeta” (Honduras), one of the regional partner organizations of MSMGF, submitted a breakthrough advocacy initiative proposal to MSMGF called “Diverse Action”. The project aimed to examine human rights and HIV law at national level in Honduras. After a month-long review by a committee within the MSMGF, “Diverse Action” was funded for an initial 6 months at US $7000 and was technically supported by MSMGF’s local partner organization “Kukulcán”. As a member of “Colectivo Violeta” mentioned:

“Diverse Action” was a specific initiative born and triggered by the Speaking Out Toolkit. The main objective was to raise awareness of public law and specifically the criminal code and social protection law. Actions under the “Breakthrough Initiative” forced the National Congress to take up a debate on discrimination and sexual diversity concerning Articles 321 and 27 of the Penal Code.

For the first time, the Penal Code now includes language on sexual diversity, and there are strong penalties against people who engage in crimes of discrimination. Through Diverse Action, advocacy was implemented for a special HIV/AIDS law and changes were made to terminology so that MSM were included under “vulnerable populations” in the Penal Code, following the recommendations of a periodic human rights examination.


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