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NSWP: sex worker in Zimbabwe

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) consists of sex worker-led organizations and national and regional networks. It represents female, male and trans-sexual sex workers across the world. Members of NSWP in country partners all over the world mention the high importance of standing up for your rights as a sex worker. Below a quote of a sex worker from Zimbabwe who is affiliated with NSWP:

The fact that sex work is criminalized in Zimbabwe makes sex workers at risk to many sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. In most cases law enforcement agents use condoms as evidence for sex work and destroy the condoms or take them away. This jeopardizes the efforts for trying to fight the epidemic. Getting treatment at government hospitals is difficult because nurses ask too any questions like “how many sexual partners do you have”, which for me as a sex worker is difficult to answer. The process of getting on anti-retroviral treatment is also long and took me six months. Since I started the treatment six years ago, I have only checked my viral load (CD4 count) twice, because it is very expensive at private hospitals and at government hospitals there are long queues and receiving feedback of the results takes too long.

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