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Serbian women living with HIV

“The Global to Local Program”: a privilege for HIV+ women

The global network  IWRAW promotes women’s rights on global level. In 2013 they organized the “Global to Local Program” which had lobbying by women from marginalized communities as a continuing central theme. Nevena Ciric, a participant of the Global to Local program from Serbia:

I work for non-governmental organizations because of my HIV status and always thought that fighting for a better quality of life was a question of health. But I was very, very wrong. The most important is knowing how to fight for your rights, for better conditions, for better laws, for better social policies, for adopting new conventions, for better therapy and for better health care.

The global to local program was perfect to acquire basic skills for lobbying and to use these skills in every day practice. Even though my organization was founded in 2007, we were never part of any shadow report. This was the first time that a person living with HIV – and also a woman – participated in a shadow report.

This training was the most important lesson for me during the last five years and taught me to fight for my rights as a woman living with HIV. Thank you IWRAW for giving me a voice, and for recognizing me and my activities as important to the overall situation of well-being of women in Serbia.

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