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ITPC: the strength of collaboration









In South Asia, ITPC (lead organization: New York) is supporting the Vietnam Network of People Living with HIV (VNP+) among other grantees. In the words of Dong Do Dang, the group’s chairperson:

Action Central for People Living with HIV (ACCPlus) and VNP+ together convene 204 groups, alliances, and provincial networks of people living with HIV (PLWH) including men who have sex with men, sex workers, and drug users.

Over a two-year period, our alliance will increase treatment knowledge among key affected population members by developing a comprehensive curriculum and sharing information; and will scale up advocacy by and for community members in order to expand access to treatment.

Together as a coalition we are confident that, by the end of our two-year grant period, we will have strengthened collaboration and engagement between key affected population groups, health care service providers, organizations, and networks of PLWH; improved access to vital information; enhanced treatment literacy among community members; stepped up our advocacy activities; and attracted attention and support for our cause from our peers in the community, the media, and other stakeholders who will help us make a difference and achieve urgently-needed policy changes.

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