Marvelous Muchenje



Educator, advocate, mentor, and recognized community leader, Marvelous Muchenje has spent the last seventeen years passionately involved in the HIV/AIDS movement. She is currently a Community Health Coordinator at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands CHC. A human rights activist engaged in supporting reforms and interventions that promote and protect human rights of all people, especially HIV positive women and children.

She believes in human potential and that if HIV positive people are given the right nurturing and support they not only become good at what they are hired to do, but they can even achieve greatness, resulting in meaningful involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS. Diagnosed with HIV in 1995, she continues to participate passionately in various initiatives in the HIV movement.

Through her involvement in community development projects, Marvelous has  developed a thorough understanding of the many issues related to the human rights dimensions and the socio-economic impact of HIV and AIDS, as well as the complex dynamics of policy on prevention and treatment.

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