Joint approach brings community needs to the global level

With support of a RCNF grant the ARASA- ITPC consortium, which represents people living with HIV, has conducted research into the implementation of the most recent HIV treatment guidelines by the World Health Organisation.

The research was conducted by the ARASA members, together with all the ITPC regional networks.

By joining forces the consortium could amplify community needs and activists’ voices on the global stage. Also, the joint approach enabled the consortium partners to work at grassroots level across countries and regions.

My colleagues and I believe that this type of work exemplifies the ARASA-ITPC consortium’s unique ability to bring local and regional responses on HIV treatment issues to the global level. It creates advocacy that is rooted on the ground, but has an impact greater than what the individual networks in our consortium would likely accomplish if acting separately.” (ITPC)

Read the research report Global Policy, Local Disconnects>

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