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Conservative approach of formal policy-makers to sex work

Around the globe, the existence of HIV is often used as an invalid excuse to close down red light districts and to enforce anti-prostitution laws. Many governments and global donors do not support sex work programs. They demand that organizations adopt a policy which explicitly opposes sex work and sex trafficking. This non-innovative and politically coloured approach is incapable to reach out to communities who most need support: sex workers.

“Anti-prostitution campaigns” in Eastern Europe

Experts agree that young girls and women in Eastern Europe increasingly turn to sex work due to the desperate lack of employment opportunities. While previously states were responsible for paying maternity leave to pregnant women, this responsibility is turning more and more into the hands of employers. As they often lack resources or willingness for this, there is an immense growth of sex work among young women. Street raids among sex workers are common and massive anti-prostitution awareness programs on radio and television strengthen prejudice and discrimination of sex workers.

Silver Rose: uniting sex workers in Russian speaking countries

Silver Rose comes up for the rights of sex workers in Russian-speaking countries and gives advice through peer-to-peer consultancy (by phone or through focus groups). They address issues such as violence against sex workers and HIV prevention. In 2013 Silver Rose worked closely with the Kyrgyz Network of Sex Workers Tais Plus (Kyrgyzstan) who was successful in averting sex-work criminalization at state-level twice (including once in 2013). This improves the social situation of sex workers.

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