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Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC)

The Caribbean: homophobic region

The Caribbean – especially Jamaica – has a reputation to be one of the most homophobic regions in the Western hemisphere. Hate speech relating to same-sex relations is found in dancehall music and Christian evangelical preaching.  This and anti-buggery (anti-sodomy) laws lead to stigma, discrimination and violence in English-speaking Caribbean countries. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the Caribbean suffers from verbal and physical violence, ranging from beatings to murder. Systematic human rights violations fuel the spread of HIV and limit access to HIV treatment and medicines.

The largest regional civil society network in The Caribbean

Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) is the largest regional civil society network in The Caribbean. As a coalition of community leaders and non-governmental agencies they provide services directly to and on behalf of Caribbean populations. CVC addresses sensitive topics such as sexual orientation, sex work or drug use and raises awareness of health and human rights of communities with higher risk of HIV exposure. Moreover, they challenge anti-buggery laws that condemn same-sex relations in several countries in The Caribbean.

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