Grant portfolio 2019-2021

The Robert Carr Fund for civil society Networks (RCF) supports global and regional networks and consortia of networks addresing critical factors protecting the rights of inadequately served populations (ISPs); scaling up access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support; and assuring  that resouces are mobilized and utilized appropriately  to respond to the global HIV epidemic. The International Steering Committee of the Robert Carr Fund for civil society Networks  has decided to fund the following twenty-four global/regional networks and consortia of networks in 2019-2021:

Consortium of Networks of People who Use Drugs   $ 1,920,000

HIV Justice Global Consortium $ 2,160,000

International Community of Women Living with HIV consortium $ 1,920,000

International Treatment Preparedness Coalition $ 1,820,000

Sex Worker Networks Consortium $ 2,820,000

Sustainable Health Advocacy with Gay Men (SHAG) $ 2,420,000

The Harm Reduction Consortium $ 2,720,000

Youth Consortium $ 1,760,000

Asia Pacific Transgender Network Foundation $ 1,020,000

Eurasian Regional Consortium $ 1,760,000

Prison Health & Rights Consortium $ 620,000

ATHENA Initiative (ATHENA) $ 850,000

Coalition Internationale Sida, PLUS (COALITION PLUS) $ 1,700,000

AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) $ 850,000

African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR) $ 600,000

Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility (CARAM Asia) $ 700,000

Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) $ 560,000

Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM) $ 450,000

International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Affected by HIV&AIDS (INERELA+) $ 550,000

M-Coalition $ 400,000

MENA Rosa $ 450,000

Red de Trabajadoras Sexuales de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (RedTraSex) $ 450,000

Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Personas Trans (RedLacTrans) $ 550,000

Southern African Network of Prisons (SANOP) $ 450,000

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