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Direct support to civil society in the HIV response has produced remarkable results since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Ending the epidemic requires a significant increase in funding for advocacy, community mobilization and service by civil society and communities directly affected by AIDS.

The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) is a primary funding mechanism working to fulfill this need.
Launched in July 2012, the RCNF aims to strengthen and support the work of global and regional civil society networks responding to HIV. These networks are led by and represent those most in need of comprehensive HIV services: inadequately served populations (ISPs) – people who face a higher risk of HIV infection, illness and death, yet have less access to treatment, prevention and support services.

Current funding: wide-ranging support in the midst of great unmet Need

With the contributions and backing of our donors, we have invested slightly more than $18.3 million through 38 grants in its first two years of funding (2013, 2014 and 2015). All grantees, global and regional networks, benefit a wide and expanding range of geographic areas and ISPs.

Interest and demand have exceeded expectations and available funds, a situation that highlights the great unmet need among communities and networks most affected by HIV.

The RCNF was only able to fund about 20% of all eligible grant applications – and even successful grantees received, on average, only 54% of their requested funding due to resource limitations.

The total amount requested from applicants considered eligible for funding exceeded $108 million. When compared with the amount of funding available and awarded, that figure indicates a funding gap of around $90 million.

The advantages and opportunities: our added value

Precedence. The first international fund that specifically aims to strengthen civil society networks across the world.

Partnership. A collaboration of donors and civil society networks that are active in the area of HIV.

Possibilities. Provides both programmatic and core funding to international civil society networks.

Priorities. Serving communities and populations most in need of effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

Predictability. Resources that allow networks and sub-grantees to be secure  about their future, and plan accordingly.

Join us and increase the support to civil society networks around the globe.

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