Oswaldo Rada








Oswaldo Adolfo Rada Londoño is from Colombia,. He has been working on HIV/AIDS since the year 2000, when he began working as a volunteer in many CBOs and NGOs in Cali, Colombia.

He has had many community roles at the national, regional and international level, working with REDLA+ (2003 – 2007), member of the board of the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+) (2003 – 2007), CIAT (2010 – 2015), etc. Currently member of GAYLATINO.

At national level, he is working in several national initiatives on communications, monitoring and evaluation, especially with the MSACV (Mecanismo social de apoyo y control en VIH (network of 58 organizations working on HIV in Colombia); CBOS National platform (Plataforma nacional de OBC) a new initiative thinking about the transition and sustainability after the departure of the global fund, seeks to strengthen the community-based organizations in organizational development, advocacy and follow-up on HIV investment and budget; and to include the CBOs services within the national health system.

Oswaldo is a Business Administrator with experience on design, drafting and project performance, monitoring, organizational development, networking, human resources management, operational and financial management, organizational communications, budgeting, and strategic planning.

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