McLean Kabwe








McLean is a LGBT human rights activist, key populations programs specialist and a qualified property manager with a B.Sc. Degree in Real Estate. His professional qualifications extend to certificates of competence in Trainer of Trainers in HIV and TB Advocacy, Public Policy and Community Outreach and interventions from prominent organisations like AIDS Rights Alliance Southern Africa, Open Society Initiative Southern Africa through Africa University and CoC Netherlands.

He started his work in the LGBT world by both chance and his frustration of working in a heteronormative heavy work environment in 2007. What makes him stand out in the cause is because he was part of the group of 8 like-minded individuals who founded Friends of Rainka, the first LGBT organisation in Zambia. In 2015, he again co-founded The Lotus Identity, another LGBT organization whose focus is on unreached LGBT communities in semi-rural Zambia. To date, McLean has seven years’ experience working in the LGBT advocacy movement.

His work as a Human Rights Defender (HRD) is anchored in past roles as Programs Manager, Executive Director and occasional consult on key populations issues. In 2017, he became the Key Populations Advisor for FHI360 and National AIDS Council to provide guidance on programming for Men who have sex with Men, Transgender People and Sex workers in Zambia. In addition, he has been actively involved in the development of programs for key populations under the country Global Fund grants.

McLean is also passionate in fictional writing on LGBT lives which has enabled him to reach out to the wider audience of LGBT community.

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