Brian Ssensalire








Brian is 22 years old, from Uganda and openly living with HIV. He works with the Uganda Network of Young People living with HIV&AIDs (UNYPA) as a Resource mobilization & Capacity Building Officer.

Brian holds a certificate in SBCC from John Hopkins University and he was a Board Member at Positive Action for Children Fund for Viiv Health Care UK Limited  2015-2017. He has 7 years of experience working with CSOs and Youth Community Heath based organizations and he’s a Global Fund Key Co-respondent. Brian is a youth advocate and a representative of Young People Living with HIV on the Adolescents Health working committee at the Ministry of Health, the thematic  working committee on advocacy and gender based Violence at the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development and at the national council for children. He has mentored more than 1000 young people living with HIV; he was national youth co-consultant of the link up project under International AIDs Alliance in 2013.

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