Fund Management Agent (FMA)

RCNF Secretariat

Sergey Votyagov – Fund Director

Sergey Votyagov is Fund Director  of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. He has an extensive network and essential fund raising experience, which enhances the Fund’s investments in the HIV response. As Fund Director Sergey Votyagov heads the RCNF team at Aids Fonds, the Fund Management Agent of the RCNF, that amongst others operationalizes ISC decisions and manages the RCNF grant portfolio. He represents the Fund in external fora, including meetings and events with civil society and donors.




Jan Perdaems – Project Controller

Jan Perdaems is Project Controller for the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. He is responsible for planning and control of the RCNF grantees. The finance officer works in close cooperation with the program managers and supports in developing, monitoring and closing of agreements with partner organizations. He assesses reports and audits of partner organizations, reports to donors and advices Program Officers in grant management. Furthermore, he develops budgets and  project reports, contributes to the annual budget and controls and supervises project audits.




Hendrike Grootenhuis – Program Officer

Hendrike Grootenhuis is Program Officer Grants for Aids Fonds, the Fund Management Agent (FMA) of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. She is responsible for both programmatic and financial grant management, which includes cultivating and maintaining working relations with the Fund’s grantees, ensuring that the grants are in line with donors’ requirements, and taking into account individual needs and capacities of the grantees.





Maria Phelan – Policy Officer

Maria Phelan is Policy Officer Grants for Aids Fonds, the Fund Management Agent (FMA) of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. She coordinates the grant cycle, grant administration and monitors the quality of the grant procedures. She conceptualizes and organizes regular events, meetings and webinars with the grantees and seeks out synergies with other international programs and initiatives and coordinates relevant activities.





Tess Kirby – Program Assistant

Tess Kirby is Program Assistant for the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. She provides administrative, communications and logistics support to ensure smooth operations of the Fund secretariat’s team, as well as organizational support for the Fund’s events such as ISC meetings, grantee workshops and for international webinars and teleconferences. The program assistant processes consultant contracts, team members’ financial reports and coordinates communications with the Fund’s consultants and out-sourced service providers.




Nathaniel Miller – Program Assistant







Fund Management Agent (FMA) – Aids Fonds



Louise van Deth – Executive Director

Louise van Deth is the executive director of Aids Fonds, the Fund Management Agent (FMA) of Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. Aids Fonds is a private fund in the Netherlands working with private donations, money from the lotteries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Aids Fonds funds work nationally, internationally on innovation, research and support for People Living with HIV… read more



Irene Keizer - Program Manager Policy and Grants

Irene Keizer – Program Manager Policy and Grants – Aids Fonds (FMA)

Irene Keizer is the Program Manager Policy and Grants for Aids Fonds, the Fund Management Agent (FMA) of Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. The program Policy is responsible for advising the Management Team of the fund about new developments in the field. The program Grants focuses on subsidizing national and international projects and scientific development.



cbf-logo_finalCBF Seal of Approval

Aids Fonds has the CBF Seal of Approval. With this seal of approval, you as a donor can be sure that your gift will be used responsibly. One of the requirements for the seal is that own fundraising costs are no higher than 25%. In other words, no more than 25 euro cents may be spent to raise 1 euro.

ISO 9iso_9001_final001 certificate

In addition, in 2011 Aids Fonds received the ISO 9001 certificate, the international standard for quality management and customer satisfaction.

anbi_finalANBI-status & tax deductibility of donations

Aids Fonds has an ANBI organization status (charity organization), which means that all donations made to RCNF by Dutch citizens and citizens of other countries who pay Dutch taxes are tax-deductible.

If neither applies to you, it might be useful to find out whether the tax regulations of the country where you will work after graduation provide for tax benefits in case of donation to charity in a foreign country. Another way to make tax beneficial donations for Dutch citizens is through “lijfrente”.


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