The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund has three bodies: The International Steering Committee (ISC), the Program Advisory Panel (PAP) and the Fund Management Agency (FMA). All three are linked, but operate separately. In addition to implementing the work of the fund, the FMA provides logistic and administrative support to the ISC and the PAP.

For more information, please check our Governance Charter.

The International Steering Committee (ISC)

The ISC is responsible for the Fund and is composed of four representatives from donors and four representatives from civil society networks. Sigrun Mogedal is chair of the International Steering Committee (ICS). The main roles of this governing body are:

■ to set strategic direction
■ to define funding priorities and eligibility criteria for grants in a given funding cycle
■ to maintain oversight and approve proposals for funding, based on the advice of the Program Advisory Panel (PAP)

Fund Management Agency (FMA)

The International Steering Committee also instructs the Fund Management Agency (FMA) Aids Fonds. Louise van Deth is the Executive Director of Aids Fonds. The role of the Fund Management Agency is to:

■ to operationalize decisions
■ to enter into agreements with grantees
■ to manage, monitor and report on grant agreements
■ to act as the secretariat of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund

Program Advisory Panel (PAP)

The Program Advisory Panel (PAP) operates independently from the ISC and with logistic support provided by the RCNF secretariat. Proposals submitted for consideration will be reviewed by the PAP, that is peer-led and includes technical experts in areas under consideration for funding.


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