About RCNF

Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF):

  • is the first international fund that specifically aims to strengthen international networks across the world
  • is a cooperation of donors and civil society networks that are active in the area of HIV
  • provides both programmatic and core funding to international civil society networks
  • pays particular attention to inadequately served populations (ISP), the communities and populations most in need of effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support

RCNF offers civil society networks:

  • enhanced involvement of inadequately served populations in the HIV response
  • the opportunity to build and/or strengthen networks’ capacity
  • the opportunity to enhance the health of and human rights for inadequately served populations

RCNF offers donors:

  • a predictable flow of resources through a pooled funding mechanism
  • a bridge to inadequately served populations
  • an opportunity to coordinate the response
  • a unique inventory of the demand from civil society
  • a way to compare and encourage quality

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